Many people who use conventional dentures dislike wearing their appliance due to the fact that it slips out of place. With full-mouth dental implants, you can keep your restoration, whether that is a dental bridge or full denture, secure and go about your day-to-day activities with a confident smile.

Traditional dentures are a prosthetic tooth replacement that give you the appearance of natural teeth but do not actually replace the tooth itself. As time passes, the bone in your jaw shrinks, causing your denture to require adjustments or be replaced entirely in order to ensure that it fits correctly. Full-mouth dental implants secure your restoration to strategically placed dental implants to give you a solution that looks natural and beautiful and which also remains secure in your mouth.

Full-mouth dental implants are designed as an immediate solution for your missing teeth. Ideally, our dentist will be able to attach your replacement teeth to the implants the same day that the dental implants placed, but the required healing period may vary depending on the patient and the specific restoration option they choose. This procedure typically requires that four to six implants be placed. Our dentist may use your existing denture or have a restoration created for you prior to the procedure so that you can leave our office with your renewed smile immediately following your procedure.

Full-mouth dental implants resolve a number of problems associated with traditional dentures, including:

If you have lost some or all of the teeth in an arch, you are a candidate for full-mouth implants. We welcome you to call our office today to learn more about this innovative treatment and schedule your consultation with our skilled dentist.